With GWB, you’ll have access to a very easy to use site building tool. It is extremely easy to get the hang of and it features an interface that is guaranteed to be instantly familiar to everyone who has ever dealt with an admin app. The site building tool offers a range of exceptional site templates which you could modify with a click of the mouse and make a site the way you like. And last but not least, every template is responsive, so your completely new site will be really good on mobile phones from the very beginning.

The site building tool is a component of the GWB Web Hosting Control Panel, offered with all shared website hosting, Linux VPS web hosting services, semi-dedicated hosting, and dedicated servers hosting offers.

A simple–to–use site building tool

No web development skills are necessary

The site building tool included in the GWB Control Panel is pretty uncomplicated. It helps you to launch your own website with quick point&click commands. You won’t need to be versed in CSS or some other back–end language. If have ever worked with an app or even a text editing application, then you’ll already know how to utilize the site building tool.

From the tool’s dashboard, you can re–arrange page elements the way you like and customize their style with just a click of the mouse. Also, you can add photos, videos, and even your own discussion board, etc. in almost no time.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A selection of simple–to–customize themes

Good–looking website designs that look superb on mobile phones

With the site building tool, you will have access to an array of free–of–charge site designs for all types of websites such as personal pages, e–commerce stores, discussion boards, and so on.

Every site theme will come in several designs and offers lots of color setups. Plus, you will have access to a large set of stock images and will be able to cherry–pick from over 100 different fonts for your website. Every theme is developed to work across all devices. In case you choose to substitute a given theme, you’ll be able to complete that within seconds. All of the pages and changes you’ve completed will remain intact.

A selection of simple–to–customize themes